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Employees Leave Application English Hindi
Faculty Leave Application English Hindi
Proforma to be filled by IIITA employees who seek Employment Elsewhere English Hindi
Electricity Bill Reimbursement English Hindi
Newspaper/Magazine Bill Reimbursement English Hindi
Book Bill Reimbursement English Hindi
Telephone Bill Reimbursement English Hindi
Children Education Allowance English Hindi
Self Appraisal for Lecturers PDF / DOC
LTC Application English Hindi
Transport Requisition Form English Hindi

1. Original bill with payment receipt
2. Certificate that the bill is paid by claimant with signature & date
3. As per orders the reimbursement of News papers, Telephone bills will not be made if it is late by more than two months in any circumstances
4. In case of Electricity the delay of two months period will be counted from the last date of payment shown by Electricity Distribution Corporation
5. Bill may be submitted during the period 10th - 12th and 20th - 22nd of each month as informed earlier
6. The amount within the ceiling limit for books for Faculty members & Officials will be reimbursed only once in a financial year (April 1st - 31st March)

Application for I-Card English Hindi
Employee Nodues English Hindi
Student Nodues English Hindi
M.Tech. Stipend English Hindi
Bonafide Certificate English Hindi
Leave Application (UG & PG Student Only) English Hindi
Library Membership English Hindi
Swimming Pool Membership English Hindi
Conference Workshop Seminar Meeting Format English Hindi
Complaint Registration form for SC/ST English Hindi
IIIT-A Students Travel Support English Hindi
IIIT-A Students Railway Reservation Concession English Hindi

  • 1. Stamp size recent photograph must be submitted along with request for I-Card.
  • 2. Nodues should be obtained in person.

Travelling Allowance Claim English Hindi
Request of approval of Journey and TA English Hindi
TA from R. & D. Projects English Hindi
Request for Advance English Hindi
Student Medical Reimbursement English Hindi
Employee Medical Reimbursement Form - for OPD English Hindi
Employee Medical Reimbursement Form - for INDOOR TREATMENT English Hindi
Swimming Pool Entry Form English Hindi

  • 1. Medical forms submitted must contain prescription of doctor, bill verified by same doctor as well as declaration of claiment with signature on each attached bill.
  • 2. Relevant documents with proper vrification, sign must be enclosed with the forms.

Material Indent/RequisitionEnglish (1 | 2 | 3) Hindi
List of Consumable ItemsEnglish Hindi
Computer Indent/RequisitionEnglish Hindi
Flight Reservation English Hindi
Railway Reservation English Hindi
IT Return English Hindi

Facilities Maintenance Request Slip English Hindi
Request for Additions/Alterations in Existing Building English Hindi
INDEM Service Slip English Hindi

  • 1. Technical specifications must be furnished in case of hardware/software requirements.
  • 2. Used printer toner/cartridge to be submitted along with Indent for.

Book Indent/Requisition English Hindi
Guest House Booking English Hindi
Visitor Hostel - 1 Booking English Hindi

Document Related To Account Section

CPDA Scheme Office Order English
CPDA Conference Attending Format English

Document Related To Purchase Section

Format for E waybill English
Direct Purchase of Single Quotation ( 15000) English
Direct Purchase of Single Quotation ( 25000) English
Purchase Committee Role and Responsibilities ( Purchase Format ) English

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Format Labels of Ph.D. Cell

Format Labels of M.Tech.