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Conference on Information and Communication Technology(CICT)

Published on 09th July, 2024




Conference on Information and Communication Techno

The International Conference on Information and Communication Technology (CICT) is being annually organized by the five Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIITs); namely IIIT Allahabad, ABV-IIITM Gwalior, PDPM-IIITDM Jabalpur, IIITDM Kancheepuram, and IIITDM Kurnool (all are fully funded by the union government of India). On a round robin fashion the venue of CICT is kept at one of these IIITs. All previously organized 7 CICT have been technically and financially co-sponsored by the respective section of IEEE, and all proceedings are available on ieeeXplore. Furtheremore, prestigious Government organizations like DST, ISRO, DRDO, CSIR and many private companies have been extending financial support to the CICT.

3rd IEEE CVMI 2024 Conference

Published on 13th Feb, 2024




3rd IEEE CVMI 2024 Conference on IIITA

bout: The present world is witnessing rapid advancements in the field of Information Technology, specifically, in the areas of Computer Vision and Machine Intelligence, cherished by society and industry. The amount of Research and Development activities across the globe has been drastically scaled up from the past one decade in these research areas. Hence, a new state-of-the-art Computer Vision and Machine Intelligence (CVMI) Conference avenue was conceived by Computer Vision and Biometrics Lab (CVBL), Department of Information Technology, Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad, India for the researchers to disseminate their research outcomes in 2022. 2nd CVMI 2023 was conducted by ABV-IIITM Gwalior. The 3rd version of CVMI is being organized during October 19-20, 2024 at IIIT Allahabad, Prayagraj, India.

Meeting on Analysis, Dimensions, and PDEs, 27th July 2024

Published on 03rd July, 2024




Meeting on Analysis, Dimensions and PDEs Organize

The Department of Applied Sciences, IIIT Allahabad is going to organise an online Meeting on Analysis, Dimensions and PDEs on July 27, 2024. The meeting aims to provide a platform for participants to exchange knowledge, share their research findings, and discuss the latest advancements in Analysis, Dimensions and PDEs and their applications. It serves as an excellent opportunity for participants to interact with experts, collaborate on projects, and explore new avenues of mathematical research. Overall, this conference is anticipated event that will provide an ideal platform for mathematicians, researchers to come together, exchange ideas, and contribute to the growth of the field.

7th Workshop on Machine Learning & Data Analytics (MLDA)

Published on 03rd July, 2024




7th Workshop on Machine Learning & Data Analyt

Aim of the workshop Motivate researchers to work in the area of Machine Learning, Data Analytics and Data Security. Objectives of the Workshop Bring academicians, researchers, industry practitioners and students to discuss the importance of machine learning, data mining and data security. Provide practical experience on technologies. About the workshop This is the sixth workshop in the series and will be conducted online. Workshop will address the basics and recent research work on machine learning, security and data analytics. In addition, the integration of three dimensions will be discussed with its importance and a project.

Workshop on Advances in Internet of Everything (9th July to 14th July, 2024)

Published on 21st May, 2024




Workshop on Advances in Internet of Everything

The primary aim of workshop is to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding and hands-on experience in the domain of Internet of Everythings (IoE). We aim to equip attendees with the knowledge, skills, and insights necessary to navigate and contribute to the ongoing technological revolution in industries across the globe. This workshop is to motivate researchers to work in the area of internet of things, sensor network, industrial IoT, and smart city applications. Bring academicians, researchers, industry practitioners and students to discuss the importance of Internet of things and Industrial IoT .Provide practical experience on technologies.At the end,a capstone will be given to the participants to encourage the utilization of the learnings.

Workshop on Recent Developments in Algebra July 08 - July 10, 2024 at IIIT Allahabad

Published on 03rd June, 2024




Workshop on Recent Developments in Algebra July

In algebra, we study algebraic operations and algebraic structures. Algebra has a wide range of applications in different areas of science and engineering, such as physics, chemistry, cryptography, coding theory, etc. An extensive range of algebraic researchers will come together for this workshop with the aim of creating new links between topics, with a focus on innovative and revolutionary approaches in particular. The purpose of this workshop is to talk about current and upcoming research in the many fields of algebra. Students who are doing or wish to do research on a variety of algebraic topics are the workshop’s intended audience. We expect that this workshop will deepen existing concepts, foster new interactions, and motivate young students toward research in the area of algebra.


Published on 22nd Mar, 2024





The Summer Training (4 Weeks Offline : 26 June 2024 – 23 July 2024) on Artificial Intelligence & Robotics will provide a comprehensive understanding of the four key areas of AI – Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, and Robotics. Participants will learn how to design, develop, and deploy AI-based solutions for real-world problems. In addition to the core training, this program offers a project assistance program (2 Weeks Online : 24 July 2024 – 06 August 2024) focused on Machine Learning. This post-training support will guide you through the practical application of your newfound knowledge. Under the mentorship of experienced instructors, you'll tackle a real-world Machine Learning project, gaining valuable hands-on experience and solidifying your learning.

Summer Training Program on VLSI Design (STPVD 2024)

Published on 16th Apr, 2024




Summer Training Program on VLSI Design (STPVD 2024

The rapid advancement in VLSI technology and system integration have made possible to design chips with more than a billion transistors. A specialized one-month summer training program from 24 th  June to 21 th July 2024 has been scheduled at IIIT-A. The 9 th edition of  STPVD 2024 is technically co-sponsored by IEEE Circuit and System Society, Chapter UP Section. This training program will cover analog and digital integrated circuit design using commercial technology kits and simulation tools and exposure to fabrication methods and PCB design. The experts from Industry and academia shall be training the registered applicants.