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International Conference on Machine Intelligence and Signal Processing (MISP-2019)

Published on 16th Jan, 2019




The International Conference on Machine Intelligence and Signal Processing (MISP-2019) will be held at Indian Institute of Technology, Allahabad, India, on September 7-10, 2019. This conference is meant for researchers all over the globe interested in the areas of data mining, artificial intelligence, optimization, machine learning methods/ algorithms, signal processing theory and methods, and applications to human brain disorders like epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, sleep disorders etc. Other applications of machine learning and signal processing techniques are also welcome.

Third Workshop on Machine Learning and Data Analytics

Published on 11th Jan, 2019





This is the Third workshop in the series. Workshop will address the basics and recent research work on machine learning, security and data analytics. In addition, the integration of three dimensions will be discussed with its importance. Objectives of the Workshop is to Bring academicians, researchers, industry practitioners and students to discuss the importance of machine learning, data mining and data security. Invites student papers for poster presentation.

7 Days Workshop on Satellite Image Analysis for Contemporary Applications: Hands on with ENVI and MatLab

Published on 10th Jan, 2019




7 Days Workshop

Satellite Image processing is a prominent field of research and development which has become of keen interest of researchers in past few decades, There are various applications where satellite imaging is the only tool to produce the effective results. e.g. mapping of land cover, deforestation maps, growth of urban area, flood mapping etc, since a large geographical areacan be monitored with the help of satellite imaging. Registration Page

2 Day Certificate Programme @ IIITA - Research Modelling using Excel and R

Published on 22nd Jan, 2019





The objective of this two (02) day workshop is to acquaint the participants with Microsoft Excel and R Studio by helping them carry out some hands-on exercises from research domain. To cater to all kinds of participants from different functional domains, the research-centric hands-on exercises have been developed in a manner that involves the user solving simple to complex problems by using different research techniques.

Workshop on Multirate Signal Processing (March 8-10, 2019)

Published on 17th Dec, 2018




Advancements in Multirate Digital Signal Processin

Several innovative applications in the fields of audio/image/video processing, subband adaptive filtering, wireless communications, denoising, biomedical signal processing etc. achieve sample rate conversion of the respective digital signals using the principles of multirate digital signal processing. The primary aim of this course-cum-workshop is to impart the knowledge of multirate systems among participants, starting from scratches to the most advanced research findings through various lectures, invited talks and lab sessions.

Self-financed Coursework : Advanced Workshop on Molecular Docking, Virtual Screening & Computational Biology

Published on 22nd Jan, 2019




The training course for the workshop has been designed to provide the theoretical background as well as a hands-on approach to Molecular Docking and Virtual screening. The workshop will also cover the use of different software and will focus on Cheminformatics methods for lead identification and optimization.
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National Conference And Industry-Academia Interface On Managing Sustainable Development

Published on 11th Oct, 2018





Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad is going to organize the a National conference and Industry-Academia Interface on the theme "Managing Sustainable Development" on February 8th and 9th 2019. The objective of this programme is to bring academicians, professionals and industry experts to a common platform for developing strategies to meet the challenges of global business especially in the context of managing the sustainability in the years to come. The conference will create opportunity to share experiences, exchange new ideas, foster innovation and establish research relations among the participating individuals and institutions. The programme will consist of the following events:

Colloquium in Business Informatics.

Published on 10th Dec, 2018




Colloquium in Business Informatics.

The need to explore Business Informatics (BI) at IIITA stems from a profound market demand in both academia and practice. B.I. "Business informatics (BI) is a multi-disciplinary subject combining Information Technology (IT) and Business Management " The Business part of the studies will acquaint a graduate with organizational theory and business models; the systems approach; evaluation of business performance; functional business areas, like marketing, human resources, logistics and manufacturing. The Informatics part of the studies will develop the potential in collecting, summarizing and interpreting data; computer systems resources; networking and telecommunications; operating systems management; Web and App based architecture design and development, etc. The BI graduate will become a technocrat capable of filling the demand-supply gap along with the graduates in B.I will be able to progress in career through M.Tech. and MBA programs.
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